Achieving Ultra Health–It’s wellbeing beyond good, better, and best…

Achieving UltraHealth--It's wellbeing beyond good, better, and best...

Restore, Rebalance, and Renew with Healing Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture & Healing Massage to Restore, Rebalance, & Renew.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. — Hippocrates

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food." -- Hippocrates

Functional Medicine–the Future of Medicine NOW.

Functional Medicine: Experience the Future of Medicine NOW.

Good. Better. Best. Ultra.

Welcome to Ultra Health–Roanoke’s Premier Functional Medicine Center!

The unique, functional medicine approach offered by The Center for Ultra Health recognizes the importance of the advances of modern medicine and utilizes these techniques to bring you answers to your medical questions and solutions for your best health to date.  Rather than just treating symptoms of an underlying imbalance, we focus on correcting your underlying imbalances in order to help you alleviate your symptoms.  Our focus is on digestive health as the underlying cornerstone to your overall health and well-being. Without proper digestion, absorption, and gut flora balance, systemic disease and symptoms will arise. Working with the Ultra Health functional medicine model will require most patients to make significant changes to their diet and to their lifestyle.

Dr. Arthur’s functional medicine approach to your health will provide a comprehensive treatment plan specifically designed for your needs.

Working with Dr. Arthur usually requires the following:

  • Keeping your primary care physician for ongoing preventative measures and for acute medical needs
  • Testing with conventional labs (usually covered by insurance)
  • Testing with advanced functional medicine labs (covered only in small part by insurance)
  • Dietary changes including elimination of certain foods or food groups, low-gycemic diets, FODMAP diets, cardiometabolic diets, mitochondrial diets
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Stress reduction techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and tapping
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Sleep hygiene and sleep restoration programming

Just as your primary care physician deals with a variety of medical problems, we also take care of:

  • Bowel and digestive disorders: leaky gut syndrome, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, collagenous colitis
  • Metabolic problems: thyroid disorders including autoimmune thyroid issues (Hashimoto’s disease & Grave’s disease), pre-diabetes & type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS
  • Autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, UC, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease
  • Respiratory disorders: asthma, allergies, & environmental sensitivities
  • Cardiovascular problems: high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure
  • Energy problems: adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heavy metal toxicity, mold illness

It’s just as important for you to know what we DON’T do:

  • We do NOT provide primary care services. You will need to keep your PCP for routine care or you will need to find a PCP to provide routine care.
  • We do NOT provide acute care services; we focus only on your chronic conditions. Your PCP should be able to take care of all of your acute needs.
  • We do NOT treat chronic Lyme disease.
  • We do NOT routinely treat menopause with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and do not condone HRT for off-label uses.
  • We do NOT treat cancer.
  • We do NOT treat POTS or other dysautonomias, vertigo or dizziness, cognitive decline/Alzheimer’s disease.
  • We are NOT a medical center of last resort for “medical mysteries”.
  • We do NOT support findings from SCIO machines or from “muscle testing” as these techniques are not backed by solid science or evidence.
  • We do NOT prescribe anxiety drugs, sleep medications, narcotics, or low-dose naltrexone for any condition. NO exceptions.

Listen below to our NPR interview to find out more about The Center for Ultra Health and our patient-centered approach.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine

How do I become a patient?  

  • Call our office at 540-989-9800 (extension 4) to speak with Aimee in order to get started on the necessary paperwork. She will send you our electronic questionnaire to explore your past medical history, your current medical symptoms, and your current lifestyle.
  • Most patients will take 1-2 days to fill out all 3 parts of the questionnaire. The more information you can give us, the better!
  • Give us at least one week to review your questionnaire to determine that we are indeed a good fit for your health needs and concerns. Not all patients are a good fit for our functional medicine approach.
  • If we determine that we are a good fit for you, we will call you to schedule your 2-part initial consultation: the first part is a two-hour “discovery session” to determine the right course of action with lab workup and the second part is a one-hour “treatment planning session” to go over the findings of your advanced lab workup.

Do you accept insurance? 

We do NOT accept any insurance.

  • Conventional labs at Quest, Solstas, and LabCorp are usually paid for by your insurance company.
  • Advanced functional medicine labs are paid in part by your insurance company.
  • We do not file for reimbursement from your insurance companies. While we can provide a superbill for filing, any filing for partial reimbursement is the sole responsibility of the patient.
  • We have opted out of Medicare and Medicaid. In the event that you have either of these insurance programs, you cannot legally file for reimbursement. However, with Medicare, you have little to no out-of-pocket costs for most conventional and most functional lab testing.

What is functional medicine?

Sometimes it’s easier to answer this by telling you what functional medicine is NOT:

  • While functional medicine provides a “whole-listic” approach to patient care, considering the patient as a whole of body, mind, and spirit, we are NOT “holistic”!
  • Functional medicine is NOT naturopathy. We do not substitute a “green pharmacy” for your prescription medications.
  • Functional medicine is NOT homeopathy.
  • Functional medicine is NOT magic or an “easy fix”. It’s hard work that requires patients to change their lifestyle. (While Dr. Arthur adores Harry Potter, he never went to Hogwarts and doesn’t own a wand.)
  • Functional medicine is NOT “woo-woo” medicine either. We do NOT support findings from SCIO machines and other quack technology that does not have sufficient evidence to support its use.

Functional medicine approaches illness differently. Have you ever been to the doctor, and the “cure” causes another illness? Sometimes, the traditional approach doesn’t take everything into account. Rather than focus on a specific system grouped by organs, functional medicine focuses on processes–energy, hormonal balance, removal of waste (detoxification), gastrointestinal dysfunction, and cardiometabolic regulation.

Functional medicine focuses on finding the underlying cause(s) of illness, determining the individual’s unique biochemistry that may be contributing to the disease, and eliminating environmental inputs such as toxins and inflammatory foods that can be contributing to systemic disease. Conventional medicine focuses on looking at symptoms of disease and treating those diseases, often with the approach of “one pill for each ill”.

Functional medicine allows the patient and the physician to work together to improve health. Each treatment plan is tailored specifically to YOU, because YOU are biochemically unique. There’s no cookie-cutter approach in functional medicine. Each Ultra Health client is respected for their uniqueness.

Finally, functional medicine is scientific. Studies are published in top-notch journals, and the approaches drill down to the basic chemistry of life.

For more information about functional medicine, CLICK HERE.

Why doesn’t my primary care doctor use functional medicine techniques? 

While functional medicine has been around for 25 years, it is still considered a newer branch of medicine, and represents a shift away from “a pill for every ill”. Functional medicine emphasizes lifestyle changes and nutritional support for health. Currently, most insurance companies don’t financially support doctors taking this much time with their patients. Our current medical paradigm pays doctors to “do” (give medications or do procedures) and not to “think” (prescribe thorough, thoughtful lifestyle interventions including diet, exercise, and stress reduction). While your primary care doctor is quite capable and intelligent to prescribe thoughtful lifestyle interventions for you, his/her hands are often tied by the constraints of the medical system and he/she doesn’t have enough time on their hands to do so. This is one of the major reasons that we do NOT accept insurance so that we can remain outside of the constraints of such a system in order to provide high-quality care that you deserve.

I’m not sure I need all this individual attention. Do you offer functional medicine with less face-to-face time? 

Yes we do! We periodically offer functional medicine group sessions centered on weight loss, safe metabolic detoxification, fixing gut distress, reducing stress at various times during the year. These group visits occur once a week, and continue for 4 to 8 weeks. These packages include access to lifestyle coaching, e-mail and internet education, and provide you with the tools you need to meet your goals. You can call our office or tune in to our special functional medicine events on this website for more information on enrollment.

What other services are offered at The Center for Ultra Health? 

Because Ultra Health is a functional medicine center focused on a food-first approach to your health, we offer health coaching in addition to our functional medicine services. Health coaching helps our patients to achieve lasting changes with exercise/movement, sleep habits, stress reduction, and healthy, nutritional intake. Additional costs will be incurred for use of these coaching services. Not all patients need these additional services and participation in these additional services is NEVER mandatory.

My child has many of the same symptoms I did when I was younger. Do you see children at Ultra Health?

Our practice is currently closed to children and teens younger than 20 years of age.

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