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The Center for Ultra Health combines the healing modalities of functional and traditional medicine with acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and healing massage. We feel it’s the best of East meets West–and our clients agree that the well-rounded, holistic approach to care is far superior to standard care found elsewhere.

Even though we prefer the team approach to patient care, each of the services are “stand alone”, meaning that you can visit our center and heal solely through the functional medicine approach or through acupuncture services alone.

Whether you receive the integrated approach or only require one modality of services, you will find that our approach sets us apart from standard medical care:

  • The Ultra Health approach focuses solely on you. We’re interested in treating you–not your diagnosis.
  • We take the time to listen to your health and life story. If your story is complicated, we have the time and the “detective” skills to solve the mystery.
  • We look for the root cause(s) of your symptoms–knowing that when we treat the root cause, we’ll ameliorate or even eliminate your symptoms altogether.
  • We won’t hand out a “pill for every ill”. Often, the answer lies in removing pills, supplementing the diet, and making important lifestyle changes and dietary modifications.
  • We partner with you as your “coaches” to make the process easier for you.

Here’s what our patients are currently saying:

I finally have a partner

“I feel that I finally have a partner (Dr. Arthur) who is willing to help me take my health back under my control, where I can see a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ as far as FIXING what is wrong instead of simply treating symptoms with drugs.”–Anonymous  2/9/15

5 Stars

The lead in personalized care

“Thank goodness Southwest Virginia has these two (Dr. Michael Arthur & Roye Evans, LAc)! When it comes to forward thinking and common-sense medicine, functional medicine and Chinese medicine by far have the lead in personalized care of the whole body. I felt most valued by the time spent in explaining my condition and how to resolve it.”–Nicole Kaltz 10/28/14

5 Stars

Nicole Kaltz
I would recommend them to anyone!

I would recommend them to anyone! They accepted my appointment quickly. They understood what I was feeling and were able to provide a plan and solution. All the staff were warm and inviting and very helpful to answer any questions I had.”–11/12/14

5 Stars


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