Acupuncturist Roye Evans

Roye Evans, Licensed Acupuncturist & Holistic Nurse.
Roye Evans, Licensed Acupuncturist & Holistic Nurse.

I have been involved with integrative and functional medicine in one way or another for over 25 years.  My initial interest started in high school, when I spent some time working with a local physician in my hometown of Wytheville, Virginia.  Even at that time, I was less interested in the newest prescription drugs as “medical miracles”. My interest was in learning what our body can do to heal itself when given the best nutrition, necessary supplementation with herbal medicines, and exercise.

This love of nature led me to study the sciences at the University of Virginia where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biology. A few years and a few moves later, I landed in New Jersey and raised my family there. Through my children, I found my way back to my roots–natural healing. With three children in the mix, we had our share of pediatric illnesses floating through our house.

With each visit to our local pediatrician, I became more and more disappointed with what western medicine had to offer in the way of “cures.” Most of what they suggested involved antibiotics riddled with side effects and problems which led to more antibiotics and more problems. The frustration really came about when the initial problems weren’t solved, but my kids were now exposed to new problems–like tummy troubles!

My KidsLuckily, I found a pediatrician who had a broader view and was open to more forward thinking about alternative treatment plans for some of my kids’ recurrent problems. With his support and open-minded care for my children, I began to use herbal supplements and dietary changes to treat them when they were ill.  Gradually, all of those recurring “illnesses” became a thing of the past.


In my search for healing alternatives for my children, I discovered Chinese medicine and fell in love right away with the results.  I returned to school in Manhattan, New York, and earned my Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. I began my practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in a physician’s office in New Jersey shortly thereafter.

I was so thrilled with the results that my patients were able to obtain through Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I wanted to bring Chinese Medicine more fully into the western medical system, so I returned for more school to become a Registered Nurse. Following graduation, I worked for many wonderful years at a progressive hospital system in New Jersey–Atlantic Health Systems.  During my time there, I worked as the Integrative Medicine Coordinator to oversee both inpatient integrative medicine services and an outpatient clinic offering massage, acupuncture, holistic nursing assessments, energy treatments, and integrative nutrition.

When I got wind that The Center for Ultra Health was opening in the Roanoke Valley and was offering the same healing modalities as Atlantic Health Systems, I knew that I had to be a part of it all. The Center for Ultra Health is changing the way patients are cared for in the Roanoke Valley—and I am thrilled to be back in these beautiful mountains and be a part of this healing revolution!

My deepest wish is to help all those who cross my path to find true, deep healing—however that may manifest for them.  I have seen astounding successes through Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, including:

  • chronic pain improved
  • fertility enhanced
  • anxiety/depression lifted
  • irritable bowel/GERD improved
  • gentle relief for acute musculoskeletal problems
  • headaches resolved
  • menstrual irregularities improved

The list of healthy benefits without the side effects often seen with prescription medications goes well beyond this brief list! Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is old and wise and backed by research.

If you feel that Chinese medicine and acupuncture could be helpful for you, please call me at 540-200-7439 to schedule an appointment. I’m happy to discuss treatment options with you over the telephone to determine if Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are right for you!

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