Functional Medicine Roanoke VA

Dr. Michael Arthur is the first functional medicine doctor in Roanoke, VA.
Michael Arthur, MD: Functional Medicine physician


We couldn’t be happier to bring functional medicine Roanoke VA! (And be the first pioneers to do it.) Functional medicine is indeed the future of medicine and we’re so proud to bring the future to you now–right in beautiful Roanoke VA.

Functional medicine is a science-based approach to medical care that keeps the patient and the patient’s story front and center. While traditional medicine is concerned with putting constellations of symptoms together to arrive at a diagnosis that can then be treated with a pill, functional medicine is more concerned with asking: “Why do you have this symptom?” and “What’s underneath it all–causing you to feel and to experience your symptoms?”

If we can get to the bottom of it your symptoms and treat the root cause, your symptoms get better and even go away altogether.

Functional Medicine Flow Diagram

Here’s what some of Dr. Arthur’s clients are saying about their experience with the functional medicine flow at Ultra Health:

Every doctor visit should be this way!

“My experience was eye-opening, thorough, and enjoyable! Every doctor visit should be this way!“–Anonymous   10/31/14

5 Stars

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