At Ultra Health, we are committed to putting you in touch with research-backed nutritional supplements and medical foods that are pure and follow the strictest manufacturing processes to ensure safety, reliability, and efficacy.

We partner with both Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations because both follow stringent manufacturing and post-manufacturing protocols to ensure that products are hypoallergenic and do not contain fillers, artificial colors, dyes, or inactive ingredients that can interfere with the active ingredients.

If you have needs beyond Metagenics or Pure Encapsulations, we offer the ultra-convenient services of Fullscript. Inside our Fullscript store, you will have access to other high-quality supplements from companies such as Vital Nutrients, Thorne Research, Klaire Labs, and Integrative Therapeutics. Most orders are fulfilled from the Richmond, VA-based climate-controlled warehouse and will be at your door within a day of ordering! In addition, Fullscript allows you gentle reminders if you need refills on products–but never puts you on an auto-delivery system. As long as your product is an unrefrigerated, unopened item, you can even return it within 30 days of purchase! Best yet–FullScript is compatible with mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets alike! Now that’s what we call ultra easy! Once you’re enrolled at Fullscript, we can even provide detailed (and beautiful) HIPAA-compliant treatment plans for you that outline your diet/nutrition, sleep goals, stress management, and exercise.


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